Child Advocacy Resources Enhancement Fund or CARE Fund is designed to empower the volunteers of Court Appointed Special Advocates of Washington County in providing foster children with additional funds and resources so that they don’t have to miss out on activities and experiences, or suffer added and undue stress. As such, the CARE Fund provides volunteers of Court Appointed Special Advocates of Washington County with funds to provide additional support to the children they serve. At times a special circumstance may arise in a foster child’s life that presents a need for additional financial support for activities such as sports equipment, a class photo, or application fees to apply for college. Other times the need may be basic, such as clothing to begin a job, a bus pass to get to work, cab fare to visit family, or maybe a book bag and school supplies for school. A sense of belonging is crucial to children, as it enhances their stability and facilitates positive personal growth and development. Unfortunately, foster children are often deprived of a sense of belonging, as they miss out on simple, yet important life experiences due to the limitations in, and lack of access to resources. The CARE Fund is there to assist in making these experiences a possibility. The CARE Fund funds are provided on an ‘as needed’ basis, and upon the request of a volunteer and approval of the board.

If you are interested in donating to the CARE Fund please donate directly through our website on the Donate webpage and specify that the donation is for the CARE Fund in the purpose box or mail checks made payable to CASA to 140 West Franklin Street Suite 100 Hagerstown MD 21740.  Please clearly mark donation to be allocated to the CARE Fund before sending.  If you have in-kind donations please contact our office at 240-347-4979 or for drop off or pick up information.  Thank you in advance for all contributions.



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