Get Involved


There are many ways to join the fight against child abuse and neglect in our community. We appreciate all types of contributions.

Together we can make a difference.


Report any abuse or neglect that you see. Call Washington County’s Child Protective Services 24 hour hotline at (240) 420 -2222. By simply being a caring member of the community, you could save a life.


Everyday there are about 150 children in Washington County under the jurisdiction of the court due to abuse or neglect. We do not have enough volunteers to serve all of these children. There are several ways to volunteer with our organization. Please visit our Volunteer Advocates webpage and our Star Volunteers webpage to learn more about volunteering.


There is a child abuse and neglect epidemic in our community. Talk with others about this, tell them about our agency and what we are doing in the community. Informing and educating yourself and others is the first step to inspiring change. Please go to our About Us webpage and our FAQ webpage to learn more about our mission.

Talk to politicians about remembering the most vulnerable in our community, abused and neglected children, as they draft, vote on, and enforce laws. These children do not have a voice. Remind politicians to always consider how legislation may affect these children. The future of our children is the future of our country.


We are a growing, but small nonprofit organization with a limited budget. We accept monetary and in kind donations. Please visit our Donate webpage if you wish to make a contribution, our CARE Fund webpage to learn how donations can directly benefit the children we serve.


We have partnered with community organizations for fundraising and recruitment events. Visit our Events & News webpage to learn more about past and current events in which we are involved. If your organization would like to partner with us please contact us by phone at 240-347-4979 or email at