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The effect of a caring adult in a child’s life cannot be measured. We can never truly know the extent to which our influence affects others. Research has been done in an attempt to answer this question and although the full extent of our impact in others’ lives still remains a mystery, we have been able to discover positive commonalities among children with a caring adult in their life. To many children that caring adult may be a parent, to others it is their CASA volunteer. It is unknown the full extent to which CASA volunteers impact the children they serve, but what has been discovered is that:

Children with a CASA volunteer are more likely to

  • have a consistent and responsible adult presence in their life
  • be adopted
  • have a plan for permanency
  • find a safe and permanent home
  • get more help while in the system
  • do better in school
  • spend less time in foster care

Children with a CASA volunteer are less likely to

  • spend time in long-term foster care
  • be bounced from home to home
  • (half as likely to) reenter foster care


Here are links for some additional information that provide results from research studies that show the value of a caring adult in a child’s life.

Child Trends

Caring Adults


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