Sibling Connections

“Ensuring that every child is given the opportunity to maintain healthy sibling relationships while in foster care”

About the Program

Sibling Connections, a program of Court Appointed Special Advocates of Washington County, facilitates and enhances family engagement by conducting sibling visitations for children who are deemed a “Child In Need Of Assistance” by the Courts.  Visitations are conducted in an effort to lessen the level of trauma experienced by children who have been removed from their home of origin due to abuse and/or neglect and are inadvertently separated from siblings.  Sibling “sets” placed in separate biological, kinship, guardian, and/or licensed/treatment foster families or group foster homes, will have an increased opportunity for structured, supervised/monitored visitation.



  • Transportation to and from visitation location
  • Monitored Sibling Visitation
  • Supervised Sibling Visitation
  • Visit Coaching
  • Progress Reporting


Visitation Process

Siblings Connections, in partnership with Washington County Department of Social Services and its Sunshine Center facility will identify and serve children, families, and foster care providers involved in the placement and care of children through CINA court. Sibling Connections will advocate for its appointment to children of sibling sets in an effort to provide visitation services though a referral and appointment process.

Sibling Connections schedules and facilitates supervised, structured visitation, as deemed appropriate and in the best interest of the children it serves. The program will provide information to the court, report individual children’s progress, as well as report the familial impacts to the children as the case proceeds through the permanency plan to enhance “family reunification”.


Community Involvement

This is a program facilitated by Court Appointed Special Advocate. If you are a member in the community looking for a way to get involved in this program, there are ways you can help. We are looking for donations of car seats (that have not expired), fun board games or activities to make the experience even more enjoyable for the kids, and gift certificates to grocery stores so we may provide snacks for the kids. We are also looking for venues to donate or discount their space for children to have a safe place to enjoy their time together. If you think you can be of assistance to this program or would like to know other ways to get involved, please contact us. Thank you!


“This project is supported by a grant from the Maryland Judiciary’s Administrative Office of the Courts Foster Care Court Improvement Program.”